Bray Arts

Bray Arts was founded in 1996. It is a forum for both arts practitioners and anyone with an interest in the arts.
Objectives :-
 to promote and develop the idea that art is for everyone in the community.
 to provide emerging artists opportunities to show and present their work in a supportive and appreciative environment.
 to develop a community where there is a confident and a vibrant attitude to art and creativity in all its forms.
 to promote excellence in all the art forms.
 to participate, lobby and initiate public debate on important issues relating to artists, art and supporting structures and resources.
Bray Arts people include visual artists, writers, musicians, performance artists and arts administrators. It is run by a committee of volunteers. Since its inception it has worked at raising the profile of all artistic endeavour in the community by providing access to artists and their work through a number of activities such as :-
 Monthly Arts Evenings
 Monthly Journal
 A Christmas Celebration
 Developing links with individual artists, other Arts organisations, performance groups and schools engaged in the arts.


Bray Arts main funding comes from its admission fee to the Bray Arts Evenings and a few friends who have made personal contributions over the years. Since 2009, Wicklow County Council altered its funding priorities to concentrate on festivals and Bray Arts has become more and more dependent on the goodwill of its members and friends. We still seek grants wherever we can and would welcome pointers and introductions from all our supporters. We continue to print our usual 500 hard copies of the monthly brochure and it is also available in electronic form on this site. and on our blog site. Volumes 1 - 20 of the Bray arts Journal were produced as a monthly collection but from volume 21 onwards we have moved to a new format in which articles, poetry, stories and images are collated into a single volume on an annual basis. Our Journal team promises that the journal will continue to be produced to a very high standard. We regret that we cannot pay a fee for work submitted. Volume 22 is now being collated

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